From the makers of MAL Updater OS X, the first native MyAnimeList Scrobbler for Macintosh computers, we have created Hachidori, a lightweight, fast and accurate open source scrobbler for Kitsu. Hachidori allows you to update your Kitsu library while you are watching or streaming Anime.

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Accurate, Fast and Easy to Use


Hachidori is very easy to set up. Just download, install it, authorize your account and start scrobbling.

Hachidori can detect playing anime from all the popular video players on macOS (MPlayer OS X Extended, MPlayerX, IINA, Mpv, VLC, Quicktime, Kodi, Plex Theater and more) and legal streaming sites (Crunchyroll, Daisuki, Viz, AnimeNewsNetwork Video, AnimeLab, Funimation, Viewster, Wakanim and Netflix) including from your Plex Media Server. In addition, you can open streams and update your list without Adobe Flash. Hachidori utilizes the title parser engine from Taiga to accurately parse any file name you throw at it and will detect 99% of the titles correctly on Kitsu. If you don’t have the title on your list, Hachidori will add it automatically for you, after you confirm it.


For the rare exceptions, Hachidori allows you to correct titles and define exception rules to specify the correct title and set an episode offset/threshold. Also, you can ignore certain filenames and directories you do not want Hachidori to detect files from.

You can also track rewatches. Simply watch any episode besides the last episode for a series you completed and Hachidori will handle the rewatch status and how many times you watch the whole series. It works for movies and one episode specials too.

Note: Stream detection only works in Safari, Webkit, Roccat, Omniweb and Google Chrome. Netflix and Funimation detection does not work in Chrome.

Note 2: Recognition Accuracy is based on a unit test of 92 files.

Update with Confidence


Worried about incorrect updates? You can choose to confirm every updates or new titles by clicking on the notification. If it’s incorrect, this will give you the chance to correct it.

Customizable and Powerful


With Hachidori, you can define global hotkeys to perform most of the common functions such as confirming an update, toggle auto scrobble, update the playing title now and show status window.

In addition, you can use regular expressions to ignore certain file names and from specific sources.

Hachidori is now Social


Using the built in share functions in macOS, you can share your thoughts about the show you are currently watching by selecting one of the many share options.


Hachidori has Apple Scripting support, meaning that you can control auto and on demand scrobbles and obtain last scrobbled title information for use in other applications. You can read more about it here.

Update MyAnimeList Too

By enabling MyAnimeList Sync, it’s possible for Hachidori to update MyAnimeList at the same time it updates your Hummingbird.me library. Just add your MyAnimeList credentials, enable MAL Sync and Hachidori will do the work for you.

Free as in Freedom

Hachidori is 100% open source software and is licensed under the permissive BSD License. Therefore, anyone can make their own fork or obtain the source code of the project to learn how to use some of the API functions for Kitsu.

Note that certain classes may have different OSS licenses. You can see the licenses for them here.