Here are the frequently asked questions. If you have any suggestions or problems (such as crashes, bugs, etc) with the program, please visit the official Kitsu Group or file an issue at Github. If you experience a crash, please paste the console output from, the full crash log and the steps that caused it.

What Players and Streaming Sites does Hachidori Support?

The players Hachidori currently supports are Mplayer (MPlayerX, MPlayer OS X Extended, etc), Mpv, SPlayerX, Movist, Kodi, VLC, Quicktime Player. Streaming Sites like Crunchyroll, Viz, AnimeLab, Netflix, AnimeNewsNetwork, Funimation, Viewster, Wakanim and Daisuki are currently supported. Also, Plex Media Server is supported locally and on the web through the Plex Web application (Plex Theater is supported via Kodi RPC JSON API as an advanced option). English versions of the site is only supported.

Stream detection only works in Safari, Webkit, Omniweb, Roccat and Chrome.

Note that Stream Detection is a seperate project and it’s open source.

I played a show and it updated the title wrong? Help!

While Hachidori will update the title correctly most of the time, there is some limitations set forth by Anitomy as some fansub groups name their file in an odd way that it won’t parse correctly. If that is the case, you should rename it so it will work.

If it’s how Hachidori detects the file, you should correct the update or add an Anime Exception Rule (basically an override) so it will recognize the title correctly. I’m continously improving the engine, so if there is a title that is not updated properly, file an issue.

When I try to update, I get a notification that my credentials are invalid?


With Hummingbird transitioning to Kitsu, Hachidori no longer stores any passwords. It will generate an OAuth token once your account is authenticated. If you get an error, try reauthenticating your account. The OAuth token will be stored in the login keychain.

Can you support X Streaming Site?

Of course, you will need to provide the title, URL and DOM (Document Object Model) if scraping is required. However, I will only honor requests for legal streaming sites. Still, you may add it yourself by modifying the source code yourself, but you are on your own as I won’t support it.

Other Legal Streaming sites I want to support next is Funimation. Have a subscription, feel free to send me the DOM and URL so I can work on it.

Will you add MyAnimeList support?

MyAnimeList support is added in 1.1.8, but it will only update the show that Hachidori detects and update, not sync the whole list. In the final build, the user can enable this in the Advanced Peferences. Hachidori can sync pretty much everything for the title it updated, including notes and rewatch status.

For full compatability, use MAL Updater OS X since it is made specifcally for MyAnimeList.

Is there a Windows version?

No, there are no plans. However, there are programs that will update your Kitsu library. I highly recommend Taiga if you use Windows.

About Linux/Unix?

It’s possible to port this application via GNUStep with some modifications and removing any OS X related code. As of now, I have no plans to port it over to that platform.

The program isn’t working, it won’t detect anything!

Note that you need to activate the scrobbler first or perform a ondemand update before Hachidori can detect what you are watching and then update the list. I decided to have it manual by default so that it won’t impact the energy usage of your computer. In other words, you only turn it on when you need it. If you don’t want to turn it on/off manually, you can enable the “Start Scrobbling at Startup” option to have Hachidori start it when it launches.

Also, there are hotkeys you can set to toggle auto scrobble or to scrobble right away too, so consider that option.

Why Hachidori detects the title incorrectly sometimes?

It’s the drawback of automatic detection since the program needs to search in order to get the ID associated with the detected title. Simply put, there is no silver bullet since various fansub groups title the videos slightly differently. However, I implemented several measures to increase the accuracy (such as rearranging search results by types, using string scoring, regular exprssions, etc). You can test how Hachidori detects the file by getting the source code, adding your own file name entries and run the unit test.

If you are worried about the program adding the incorrect update, you can enable update confirmation. By default, Hachidori will ask before it adds a new title, but you can enable update confirmation as well.

Can I release a modified copy of Hachidori?

Sure, as long you keep the copyrights in tact. However, you must share the source code to comply with any classes that uses GPL as you must provide the source code. Otherwise, you must remove the associated libraries if you don’t want to share the modified program. You can see the licenses for these classes, libraries and helper tools here.