While Hachidori is free and open source software, hosting the Atarashii-API to make MyAnimeList sync functional and maintaining the Apple Developer Program costs money. This is why the donation reminder dialog will show up once in a while if you have MyAnimeList Sync enabled. Note that we do not restrict the operation of the program.

You can remove this message by obtaining a donation key. The donation key requires online activation to work and Hachidori will check the validity of the key when it’s on the internet at launch. The donation key is encrypted and when it’s checked, it will be decrypted and checked against a database.

To enter the key, click on the Hachidor icon and open Preferences. Under Advanced Preferences > MyAnimeList Sync, you can add a license by clicking “Add Donation License.” Then copy the registration details from the email

Ways to obtain a Donation License/License Key


Fastspring is our primary payment processor. A donation license cost $3 and you will be granted access to your license key once the payment is complete. Register using the name entered in Fastspring along with the provided key sent in your email. The license key will work for both MAL Library, MAL Updater OS X and Hachidori (MAL Sync).

Buy on Fastspring

Paypal Donation

If you already purchase a key or want to donate more than $3 for development, click the donate button below. Note that license generation is not automatic and it can take up to 24 hours to have a license key sent to you. If you donating $3, consider buying a donation license though Fastspring.

Update Policy

All updates for Hachidori is free including future versions.

I lost my donation key! Help!

If you lost your key, you can retrieve it here.