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What is Hachidori?


Hachidori (はちどり) is a lightweight, fast and accurate open source Kitsu scrobbler for macOS. It allows users to automatically update the user’s library based on what they are watching through any of the popular media players on macOS (Mplayer, IINA, Mpv, VLC, Quicktime, Plex Home Theater, Plex Media Player, Kodi and more), or streaming sites (Crunchyroll, AnimeNewsNetwork, Viz, AnimeLab, Funimation, Wakanim and Netflix) and Plex Media Server from Safari, Webkit, Chrome, Roccat and Omniweb. It can also track rewatch status and how many times for series you already watched.

Hachidori also has advanced features such as customizable global hotkeys, setting episode offsets in Anime Exceptions and ignore rules (for directories and filenames (with Regular Expressions support)).


Download Latest Version (Current version is 2.0 , Released November 2, 2017)

Older releases can be seen here.

Hachidori requires macOS Mavericks or later and a Kitsu account. Hachidori is compatable with macOS Sierra and is Developer ID Signed.

Note that Hachidori is Open Source donationware. While the source code and program is freely available, it takes time and money to actively develop this program. If you like Hachidori, please support us by donating. Donations will be used to maintain the Apple Developer Program and improve legal streaming detection. Note that making a donation is 100% optional.

Open Source

Hachidori is open sourced and licensed under the Modified BSD License, allowing users to make improvements or make a fork. By opening sourcing Hachidori, it allows people who are interested in making applications for Kitsu to learn how to use the API functions.

Source code can be seen at Github.


Experiencing any bug or crashes? Have any suggestions to improve the program? Share them at the official Kitsu Group or file an issue at Github.